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Welcome to the A. Roy Heron Global Foundation’s website. We invite you to join us in our efforts and commit to guaranteeing the success and wellbeing of each of every child. Today, we stand ready on the front line of one of the toughest challenges we will ever face as an organization, combating childhood obesity and malnutrition.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, roughly 12.7 million children in America alone suffer from obesity. The epidemic has horrifying effects on the future success of our next generations. Research has proven time and time again, that kids who are healthy have much better chances at future success than those who aren’t. Healthy kids are less likely to face depression, bullying, low grades, etc. These issues are real, and we see them every day. Healthy living and good nutrition are the basis for many issues our kids face and will face in their futures.

Many societies around the world have become characterized by environments that promote increased consumption of less healthy food and physical inactivity. Though, in many places the environmental and economic factors have tons to do with the health disparities that we see. Now is the time for us to commit to seeing that EVERY child has access to quality nutrition, therefore increasing their chances of future success.

Together we can accomplish this goal, through committed actions from governmental agencies, public, and private partnerships. We invite you to share your input and commit to act via many different channels we have here at the A. Roy Heron Global Foundation.


With best health and committed action,

A. Roy Heron, Jr., M.D. Founder and Chairman

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