September 3

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Join the A. Roy Heron Global Foundation’s 3rd annual fundraiser to “Stomp Childhood Obesity” , while wearing your favorite sneakers, with Guest Speaker Dr. Denise E. Bruner, MD, FASBP of Arlington, Va

Childhood obesity leads to critical health, psychological and academic challenges. We are seeking your support to reach more families in the community and beat this epidemic. Our very first community initiative, in partnership with the Alexandria City Public Schools was extremely successful. We enrolled 20 students over a two-year period with dangerous BMI’s in the 85th percentile and higher at Jefferson Houston Elementary School. Those students partcipated in a robust nutritional and wellness regimen that helped them achieve their goal BMI and weight. This year, we extended the Fit for Youth program at the Boys and Girl’s Club of America in Old Town.

Our current program with the Boys and Girls Club has allowed us to reach even more of our youth from ages 5 to 10. We still have work to do and wish to celebrate our successes and partner with you in this journey. We’ll gather on “The Plaza” Friday night with great supporters and ask you to join the festivites. Enjoy great jazz, food and refreshments. You don’t want to miss this event. Most importantly, it’s all for a very good cause!

We hope you would please seriously consider this request and let your neighbors, your friends, and your community know that you are joining us in this fight. Please support us! Be a guest or sponsor our foundation. If you would like more information about our foundation, please contact us at: You can also check us out on the web at and Facebook at

We look forward to your presence and support!!

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